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Vibrant Deep Gloss Shine

CRC Polish & Wax is a specially formulated two-in-one product. The polish creates a vibrant deep gloss shine by nourishing the newly conditioned paint. A coating of pure Carnauba Wax then protects and enhances the paint. CRC Polish & Wax is easy to apply and creates a long-lasting, dazzling showroom finish. It is suitable for all paint types including clear coats.

Recommended to be applied once or twice a year, as required.

Features & Benefits 

  • Creates a vibrant deep gloss shine – Nourishes newly conditioned paint
  • Pure Carnauba Wax – Protects and enhances paint
  • Creates a showroom finish
  • Long lasting protection
  • Easy to use – Simply wipe on and buff off
  • Suitable for all paint types including clear coats
  • Made in NZ


  • Perfect for all types of motor vehicles
  • Safe to use on all paint surfaces, including clear coats
  • To create a vibrant polished finish and protect the paint with Carnauba Wax