CRC - Sta-Plex EP Premium Red Grease

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Superior Multi-Purpose Grease

The CRC Sta-Plex EP Premium Red Grease is a superior general purpose lithium-based grease particularly designed for high temperature and high pressure applications. A superior extreme pressure additive package provides a Timken rating of 80lbs. Additional anti-wear and performance additives provide superior tackiness and rust and corrosion protection. CRC Sta-Plex EP Premium Red Grease can be continuously run at temperatures as high as 150ºC an has an exceptional dropping point of 260ºC.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior multi-purpose grease
  • Extreme high temperature resistance - Up to 260ºC, and up to 150ºC continuously
  • Withstands extreme pressure - Timken load 80lbs
  • Tackiness additives - Prevents fling-off
  • Water resistant
  • Ongoing corrosion protection
  • ASTM D-1743 Rust Test: Pass
  • Appearance: Red grease
  • NLGI: Grade 2


  • Mining, metal production, machining, plastic molding, pumps, electric motors, ball and roller bearings, kilns, assembly plants, drying ovens, trucks, automobiles, buses, construction equipment, off-road operations, tractors, mowers, reapers, water pumps