NGK VX Platinum Spark Plugs

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 VX Platinum Spark Plugs are an extension of the successful Fine Wire Spark Plug line, and are made with the same superior manufacturing quality NGK has maintained for years.

A basic property of electricity is that it is easier to push a current through a thin wire (which offers less resistance) than a thick wire. Therefore NGK has reduced the VX Platinum Plug's center electrode diameter to 0.8 mm, allowing your ignition system to operate at its maximum efficiency. The higher durability of platinum allows the use of a thinner center electrode, while maintaining a long service life.

VX Platinum Spark Plugs are the plugs of choice for many racing and performance-minded enthusiasts, and will work great in virtually all applications. The VX Platinum Spark Plug is engineered with a tapered ground electrode for better heat transfer and improved ignitability.

  • 0.8 mm Platinum Center Electrode.
  • Tapered Ground Electrode.
  • Reduction in Required Voltage Increases Ignition System Efficiency.
  • Better Spark and Excellent Ignitability.