36V Fast Battery Charger

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Fast and efficient battery charger to suit the entire Honda battery range - 4 Ah, 6 Ah and 9 Ah batteries.

The Honda 36V Battery Charger is part of our Universal System for our Battery Range – You can use this battery charger to recharge quickly and quietly any of the batteries powering Honda’s new 36v cordless handheld or lawnmower products.

  • 36 Volt
  • Fast Charging
  • One charger for all batteries

Charger only, battery & tools sold separately

Displacement 36V



Simple and convenient to use, a single lithium-ion battery is paired with a single charger to work across the entire range. There’s no need for different batteries for each product you own. Three battery sizes are available to you - 4Ah, 6Ah and 9Ah. What’s more, the LCD screen on the 9Ah lets you know instantly how much battery life and charge time you have left.

  • Fast charge - Get a full battery in little as 35 minutes
  • A size for any job - 3 battery sizes available
  • Professional suitable - Honda quality, durability and reliability
  • Environmentally friendly - Less noise and no emissions

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