Single Binnacle Remote - BF115 - BF250 (DBW)

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Honda’s class leading Drive By Wire system delivers superb control and smooth operation. Drive by Wire has the benefit of faster response, RPM control, and smooth shifting. All without the cables and maintenance of a traditional mechanical system. A modern stylish unit this is perfect for single engine Drive by Wire configurations.  

Plus, with optional trolling control (additional switch required), it lets you control the engine rpms in increments of 50 rpm – Ideal for fishing.


    Monitor every aspect of your engine's performance with the Garmin Marine Instrumentation 20 (GMI20). This high quality NMEA compatible digital unit utilises a bright 4”colour display with 170 degree viewing angle, to make sure you can easily see all the info in any position.

    The GMI20 delivers all of the info you want to monitor performance and your trip including:

    • Up-to-date accurate fuel flow.
    • Distance to go on remaining fuel (displayed in km and miles).
    • Total fuel used for your trip.
    • Remaining fuel in your fuel tank.
    • Accurate fuel gauge once tank capacity is set.
    • Ability to reset fuel tank levels at the touch of a button.
    • No fuel tank sender required for fuel tank levels.
    • All engine parameters able to be displayed as a gauge.
    • Eco light displayed while the engine is in Eco mode.
    • Gear selection displayed (Forward, Neutral, Reverse).
    • Engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes (displayed if present).
    • Diagnostic trouble codes are stored in GMI20 history.

    (Available on BF40 - BF250)



    Honda’s premium HD-4 display unit is bright and easily visible during the day or night.  With a 3 ½” LCD displaying critical data such as engine, fuel economy and range. It can also display instrument data such as speed, depth, heading, position, wind and environmental data measured by optional sensors and network connected devices. Supporting up to four engine installations, the HD-4 can display two engines per instrument.

    Connected to your boat's NMEA 2000 network, the HD-4 will detect all NMEA devices and add to display, prioritising engine info over other connected devices. 

    You can also customise your displays. With a range of template pages to easily add important data, or utilise 100’s of customisation options to get the perfect setup for you and your boat.

    (Available on BF40 - BF250)

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